PMC Services

  • Project Management & Control: Parasnath Infra Division will help their customers in PMC by doing:
  1. Definition: In this stage Parasnath defines what the project is & what the users hope to achieve by undertaking the project.
  2. Planning the Project: Parasanth lists all activities or tasks, how the tasks are related, how long each task will take, and how each tasks is tied to a specific deadline.
  3. Executing the Project: Parasnath knows how many resources and how much budget has to work with the project.
  4. Controlling the Project: Parasnath is in charge of updating the project plans to reflect actual time elapsed for each task.
  5. Closure of the project: Parasnath & Business owner pull together the project team and those who have an interest in the outcome of the project to analyze the final outcome of the project.
  • QA/QC & Site Audit: Parasnath Undertakes the opportunity to support the clients by taking ownership of Quality Assurance & Quality Control as per the requirement of clients & do the site audits where Business owner understands the variation of planned vs actual budget, delays in executions, technical parameters identification, etc.